What is Car Rebirthing?

Oct 22, 2019 10:29 PM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

What is Car Rebirthing?

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When buying a used car, you should be careful about its condition and authenticity. You can contact professional agencies like REVS Check to get a PPSR check done on the car you want to buy. You can get the PPSR check done by providing the VIN number or registration number of car and paying an affordable fee. 

Car rebirthing is a major problem in Australia. You should avoid buying rebirthed cars as they can create problems for you later. A PPSR Check helps you to identify rebirthed cars and stay safe from buying them. 

What is Car Rebirthing?

Car rebirthing refers to the illegal process of stripping the identity of stolen vehicles, modifying them, and selling them in the market. According to the Crimes Act, car rebirthing is stealing of a motor vehicle and stripping it of its identity for the purpose of concealing that the vehicle was stolen. Car rebirthing can also include using parts and spares from a stolen vehicle to fix a repairable write-off. Interfering with the identification number of the vehicle also amounts to car rebirthing.

Car rebirthing used to be a major problem in Australia. However, with more stringent laws and regulations in place now it is less prevalent today. VINs are now canceled or flagged which makes identifying written-off and stolen vehicles much easier these days.  

Legality of Rebirthing

Car rebirthing is illegal and amounts to a criminal offense in Australia. It is more widespread in NSW and Western Sydney where cars were rebirthed in scrapyards for sale. Car rebirthing in NSW is a criminal offense under Section 154G of the Crimes Act 1900 and comes with a maximum penalty of 14 years of imprisonment. Helping others in car rebirthing by aiding them with funds, spare parts, premises, etc. either knowingly or unknowingly is also a crime. The prosecution needs to prove that you were undertaking car rebirthing in an organized manner for convicting you. 

Dangers of Buying a Rebirthed Car

There are many different types of problems with buying a rebirthed car. The first problem is that the rebirthing process is not carried out by experienced mechanics. It is done generally by amateurs which may mean that the rebirthed car is likely to have many serious safety issues. Put in simpler terms, the rebirthed car which you will buy may not be safe to drive for a significant period of time. Another problem is that you may lose the possession of the purchased car considering rebirthing is illegal and a criminal offense in Australia. You will lose the car's possession if it becomes a part of the investigation into previous owners and re-birthers. You will be completely helpless and will not be protected by law in such cases. 

You will be unable to determine the quality and authenticity of the spare parts used in a rebirthed car. This can compromise the safety of the car. It may also mean that you will have to spend heavily on repairs in the future. Your best bet is to stay clear from buying a rebirthed car and save your hard-earned money and any legal battles too.

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