Car Models that Will be Discontinued in 2019 Because of the SUV Surge

Oct 21, 2019 08:01 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

Automotive trends are constantly changing and phasing out car models.   lineups are part of the game. This year in 2020, say goodbye to car models that had a good run. Many of these cars are collateral damage of sorts, that is akin to something of a contradiction. Several ironies precede the decision to shutter down their production. 

 American car buyers disinterest in sedans are a major factor. These cars were an excellent sedan and still sold, but the shift to crossovers, pickups, and the heavyweight SUV has caused their demise. It costs money to manufacture cars and carmakers are just adapting to changing consumer trends.

 Now, these car models are joining them as their production is stopped and shuttered. Time to bid them farewell and remember these models that will official gone in 2020.

1) Volkswagen Beetle

 This is one of the most iconic names in auto history that will be its last curtain call in 2020. This vehicle has made a name for itself pop culture and remains one of the most recognizable cars. From its beginning as a car developed in the 1940s and became a staple of the hippie generation. Just like the Kombi that was just as iconic. No roses needed for the "Bug" because it might come back anytime.

 2) Lincoln MKC

 The retirement of the Lincoln MKC is one of the surprise goodbyes in 2020. Introduction of the Corsair in 2020 that will be styled differently with sleeker, modern style. Shying away from the boxy look of the MKC to attract buyers who would go for something of a euro-styled exterior. The competition is going all-out, and the update brings something fresh to the styling. 

 3) Smart EQ

 It's tragic to say goodbye to the Smart EQ For Two that has just been updated and refreshed. In 2020, this small EV will not be available in the United States. This a smart vehicle that's environment-friendly too. All's not lost with the redesign that will update the smart car with better specs. Till then, only speculation will determine if the redesign will kick it a notch higher.

4) Prius C

 Newer and better EV tech will lead to the retirement of Prius C. It did well to sell hybrids, and the introduction of the 2020 Corolla hybrid with improvements is step up to remain competitive.

 For its advancements, the Prius C established that a hybrid is a viable option. EVs and hybrids are selling like hotcakes.

 5) Ford Fiesta

 This subcompact is shelved in favor of crossovers and SUVs made by Ford. One of the better subcompacts that performed well and should see a retrofit as a hybrid or similarly named cross.

 The automotive industry is in continual flux and changes. Car models that are discontinued is normal and the coming 2020, there will be more. The commercial success of SUVs and crossovers will have its victims. Which is normal in the auto world.

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