Trends To Watch In The Automotive Industry

Sep 26, 2019 09:26 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton


Owning a vehicle is like a double-edged sword. That vehicle will get you back and forth from where you need to go, but it won't come without work and expenses. Owning a vehicle means that you need to constantly monitor the tire pressures, fluid levels, as well as making sure that your registration and insurance are up to date. To say the least, owning a vehicle is a lot of work. However, it is necessary for most of today's families. Not everyone lives in a location where they can catch the bus to work. Not only this but owning a vehicle really gives you more independence and the freedom to do what you want when you want.

That being said, there is simply no denying that technology has impacted the automotive industry. Heck, you can now buy and sell cars online. All this doesn't necessarily mean that buying a vehicle will be any easier. Yes, it might be more convenient, but with all the changing trends finding that perfect vehicle to suit all your family's needs might be more complex and complicated that you imagined. Just look at some of the latest automotive trends.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud technology has made a major impact on the world. With this type of technology, businesses and regular individuals can now free up much-needed space on their hard drives by storing files and data on could-based services. And, this is just one of the reasons that cloud technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry. Everything from the design of the vehicle to the servicing of the vehicle can be scaled down and simplified thanks to cloud technology. There are now even cloud-based management systems available that are expected to successfully manage all the post-manufacturing business processes, reducing operational costs as well as inventory costs.

Car Sharing Is Becoming A Real Thing

You have probably heard of car-sharing services before or carpooling. Heck, you might even have been one of those unlucky parents elected to drive the entire neighborhood to school two days out of the workweek. Unfortunately, this was a trend that died down many years ago, but it seems like it is making a big comeback. The news and automotive experts say that this trend has picked back up because more and more people are becoming less emotionally attached to their vehicles. This is a trend that will not only be good for the average commuter, but it will be good for the environment, as it will help reduce emission gases.

The news estimates that by 2013 one in every ten cars sold will be a shared vehicle. Some of this newfound popularity also has to do with the rising gas prices, so expect the concept of car-sharing to influence the car design philosophy in the come years.

Vehicle Connectivity

If you have been taking advantage of sites like online pokies, you already know that the technology available today is unreal. In fact, the technology available today is making the entire online gambling experience more immersive and in-depth. The modern gambler can now get more out of gambling online than they can in any land-based casino. Well, this type of technology and connectivity has made its way to the automotive industry as well. Just look at the vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity now available. This type of connectivity will allow vehicles on the road to share data on speed, road conditions, as well as other information.

When utilizing this technology, drivers can help other drivers evade crashes, avoid congestion, reduce emissions, and make their overall commute safer. It is said that the industry wants to even take things further by allowing cars to communicate with smart traffic signals. The sky really is the limit when it comes to automotive technology.

Crossover Vehicles

Wouldn't you like to have the legroom and comfort of an SUV, while also having the gas mileage of a regular sedan or four-cylinder engine? Of course, you would. It would just be more practical and this is why those crossover vehicles are selling like hotcakes. These vehicles not only look great, but they are simply more affordable, more efficient, and retain all the positive characteristics that you would see on today's traditional SUVs. These vehicles offer one of the most effective and efficient ways to commute today and this is not a trend that will die anytime soon.

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