Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

Sep 24, 2019 02:13 PM EDT | Ernest Hamilton


While 2016 was a good year for many people in Miami-Dade County, it was a stressful year for thousands of others. The county was the site of 64,070 car collisions that year. Many of those accidents caused serious injuries. Learn about the top five causes of those car accidents and how you can prevent becoming a victim. 

1. Drunk Driving

Although drunk driving isn't the most common cause of collisions, it does cause a high percentage of traffic fatalities. Drunk drivers have poor judgment and can't control their vehicles the way they should be able to. 

If a drunk driver causes your accident, they can face two potential circumstances. They could face criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. Even if the criminal charges don't stick, the lawsuit could. The burden of proof for a personal injury lawsuit is less than a criminal case.

2. Distracted Driving

Perhaps the most common accident cause is distracted driving. According to the American Automobile Association's Traffic Safety Division, the action could be the cause of as many as 50% of all collisions.

There are several forms of distracted driving. Texting, talking, and adjusting the radio can keep drivers from looking at the road. In the few seconds they are distracted, a driver can find themselves in an accident.

3. Speeding

All accidents can cause injuries. However, speeding accidents are more likely to result in bodily harm than many other accident types. The force of the collision is often enough to leave a driver or passenger with serious injuries.

While speeding, a driver has less time to react to other vehicles or hazards. Stopping takes more time, and one slight turn of the wheel can be a disaster.

4. Bad Weather

Miami summers are known for frequent thunderstorms. The wind and rain can make driving very difficult. If you find yourself on the road when a storm hits, you could be in danger. 

The rain can make the roads slippery and the wind can push vehicles around. Some drivers don't slow down or drive with care in the inclement weather. As a result, they lose control of their vehicles.

5. Aggressive Driving

The streets are filled with aggressive drivers. Their anger leads them to drive dangerously. For instance, one driver could become frustrated with a slower driver. To get in front of them, the aggressive driver speeds into another lane and cuts off the slower driver. This is dangerous for all of the other drivers on the road.

One of the more common forms of aggressive driving is tailgating. While this is always dangerous, it's particularly hazardous on the highway. At a high speed, a driver can only react so quickly to the vehicle in front of them. If the other vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the tailgating driver can't brake in time.

Does the Cause of Your Accident Matter?

The cause of your car accident matters more than you might think. If the other driver caused your accident, you could seek compensation for your missed wages, medical expenses, and car repairs. Additionally, you may be able to recover money for your pain and suffering. 

If you're not sure who is responsible for your accident, you should look for one of the local car accident lawyers in Miami. They can help you determine who is liable for your collision. Then, they can tell you more about your options for compensation. 

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