Does a Student Need a Car in College?

Aug 16, 2019 11:27 PM EDT | Staff Reporter


To have a car or not to have a car...this is the question.

As a college student, disposing of a car can be a blessing or a true disadvantage. That entirely depends on your way of perceiving things, but also on your priorities.

In today's post, I'll discuss the reasons to have a car in college, as well as the PROs and CONs of having a car on campus. Pay attention and let these tips help you decide what is best for you.

The PROs of Having a Car in College

You Save Time

If you have a car, you'll no longer have to worry about arriving at school on time. You can easily take a part-time job without stressing about catching the bus, or without having to ask friends or colleagues to drive you to classes. 

It's Convenient

If you ever need to get to a place quick, you can immediately hop in your car and start driving. A car provides a lot of flexibility, that being one of the reasons why so many students choose to have on during their academic studies. 

You Gain Independence

Several free industrial revolution essays suggest that independence is key to an enjoyable college experience. You don't want to depend on buses, trains, or other friends to get to where you want to go. If you get your own car, you can decide where to go and simply go.

It's Easier to Travel

A car allows you to travel to different places, especially to different countries. Having a 4x4 vehicle is even more convenient, as you can reach places that "normal" cars can't. Going off-road is an excellent way to have fun and live intense moments. Also, you can visit your family more often and stop worrying about acquiring plane/train/bus tickets on time.

You Can Have More Experiences

Having a car gives you the chance to experience more fun throughout college. Why? Because you can always reach your friends when they throw a party, and you can stop worrying about leaving early because the last bus will leave you behind. You can also take your spouse and drive to a quiet place where you two can experience beautiful moments together (if you know what I mean).

The CONs of Having a Car in College

Improved Health

If you own a car, you'll walk less. That's a fact. Now, if you care to lose weight and to shape your body, a car will prove to be your biggest enemy in this pursuit. 

People Will Expect You to Be their Chauffeur 

Let's face it - if you're a nice person and dispose of a car, most of your colleagues will assume that you have no problem driving them home or to who-knows-where. This can be extremely annoying especially when you want to drive alone and be with your own thoughts.

Also, because of the superficial nature of many individuals, rejecting people's requests will turn you into the "bad guy". Moreover, when you agree to drive someone to different places, you'll spend more money on fuel. Let's face it again - do you really want to spend money on other people's needs?

Meeting Fewer People and Having Fewer Random Experiences

When you travel by foot or take the bus/train/plane, you're surrounded by a community of people. Many times, being a little social might give you the opportunity to make new friends. Also, traveling without a car will give you the opportunity to pop into random opportunities and experiences.

You Waste a Lot of Money

Instead of paying for gas and car maintenance, you can outsource dissertation writing services to improve your odds for better academic performances.

If you get a second-hand car, you're prone to various unfortunate events that will require you to put the car in the service and pay a hefty amount of money for reparations. You can avoid all that hustle by not purchasing a car in the first place.


As you may have observed, the benefits of having a car in college are more prominent than the disadvantages. Of course, if a car is not an option for you just yet, that shouldn't be a reason to despair. Focus on your studies but also on your personal development to improve your odds of landing a high paid job. 

Or, simply start working part-time jobs and save up some money. With a bit of help and luck, you'll be able to afford a decent vehicle that will offer you the flexibility you probably crave for!

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Robert Everett is an academic writer at EduBirdie and a soon-to-be psychologist. He's currently offering paid writing services to students from all over the world, as well as free academic consultancy to the less-fortunate children who cannot afford to pay for such services. 

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