Take The Right Steps After Hitting Something

Aug 01, 2019 11:10 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton


Have you ever hit something by accident, but not known what to do next? There are a few things you need to know so that you don't face any charges by whatever or whoever you hit. Read on to make sure you make the right choices next time.

Call the Right People

If the scene is more severe and you are worried there may be a charge made against you, then hire professional help.

If the scene is more serious and you are worried there may be a charge made against you, then hire professional help. 

As noted on the website of  Langer & Langer "Even seemingly minor car accidents can leave permanent, severe damage behind. When victims are left with extensive medical costs, pain, and suffering, the inability to work or the loss of a loved one."

Stay at the Scene

Never leave the scene of the accident. Even if it was unintentional, you need to wait until you can report the accident. If you decide to hit and run it could cause a lot more problems down the line. It'll be better for you to stay where you are.

Collect Evidence

While waiting for police or investigators to arrive, by all means, take photos of the accident and see if there were any witnesses. Be sure to give a correct statement and don't guess the facts. You'll also want to check that if there was another person in the accident that they also provide a factual account of what happened.

Whatever you do, though, do not interrupt the scene. Don't move anything. Try to leave vehicles where they are unless they are obstructing the road for other users. You don't want to be charged with tampering with evidence.

Gather Details

If another person was involved, then you will want to ask for their details and give them yours. This is mainly for insurance purposes. You can also ask any onlookers for their information if you think you will need their statement later on.

Maybe another driver fled? Hopefully, you got a glimpse of their number plate and the car make and model, and if not, ask if there are cameras nearby that may have noticed something from their viewpoint.

What Not to Do 

So, now you know what you should be doing, but what about the things that you mustn't do? At any cost. The following are going to make the whole situation a thousand times worse and cause a lot more hassle leaving the scene, not calling the police, getting angry with other people, not collecting information and forgetting to photograph the scene.

After the initial accident and possible interview, you may think that's it, but you need to stay on your toes in case you need to make a claim, or someone is filing a suit against you. And don't forget about your health. Even if you suffered just a bruise or two, it's best to get checked out.


As long as you follow our advice and remember what's most important after an accident, you should be fine. Of course, we hope you're never in an accident. But, just in case, now you know how to handle it.

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