Simple Ways to Save on Auto Repairs

Jun 05, 2019 05:42 PM EDT | Staff Reporter


Owning a car is expensive. Between gas, seasonal tune-ups, and major repairs, it steals a lot of your hard-earned money.

Sometimes, it's more than you can afford. If you're like many drivers, it can be a challenge to cover unexpected auto repairs without the help of a personal loan. After all, vehicle related expenses are the most common reason why people take out online short term loans.

This guide aims to change that. If you follow it closely, you may not have to apply for online short term loans the next time you take your car into the shop.

Get to know your vehicle

Your user guide may hold a few secrets worth uncovering. It lets you know the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule.

But don't stop there. Go online, too.

You can find out common problems affecting your make and model. Once you know about these issues, you can tweak your driving habits to help prevent these from causing costly damage.

CarVeto is a useful motoring resource with tonnes of guides on buying, selling and maintenance. This MOT check guide covers most repair and roadworthiness components and offers a free vehicle history check for motorists. 

Perform preventative maintenance

When the average repair sets you back hundreds of dollars, you'll want to limit your visits to the mechanic.

But this mindset can actually increase how much you spend. By avoiding the mechanic, you may put off important maintenance for so long that it becomes a costly repair.

Don't wait for a major breakdown to make an appointment. Schedule regular tune-ups to make sure your car is running well.

Upgrade your vehicle

Some vehicles are a lost cause. Let's say you're driving a '98 Saturn. It's going to cost more to keep it road worthy than a 2018 Ford Focus.

Older cars may:

  • Have more mileage

  • Greater wear and tear

  • Harder to find parts if they're discontinued

Depending on its age and condition, it may be in your best interest to buy a new car altogether.

Although it's a big expense, you can offset some of the cost by leasing your next vehicle. If you're wondering should you lease or buy a car, visit an installment loan resource to find out more information.

Online installment loans direct lenders understand what it's like to live on a tight budget, so they weigh up the options in a way that makes sense for your finances.

Find a reputable mechanic

Not all mechanics have your budget in mind. Some worry about their own books over the finances of their customers.

Take the time to research the auto centers in your neighborhood to make sure your mechanic won't gouge you.

It's not as hard it sounds. You can find a reliable mechanic by:

  • Reading online reviews from previous customers

  • Asking friends and family if they have a mechanic they trust

  • Search for shops with certified technicians

Learn how to DIY

Some tasks are better left for the professionals, like repairs following a collision or work that involves your brakes.

Other chores, on the other hand, are easy to complete - even if you don't have a lot of experience. You can learn how to change your oil, replace air filters, and other simple maintenance tasks on your own.

Some of these tips put more responsibility on your shoulders. You'll have to figure out how to maintain your car and spend some time testing out different shops.

But the effort is worth it. How you care for your car can help lower what you spend. Although online short term loans may still be a great backup in an emergency, these tips will help you save during routine visits.

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