Hennessey Venom F5 Coming Out With Improved Aerodynamics And Technology

Jun 26, 2017 06:44 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


The Hennessey Venom F5 has been announced to debut later this year. Hennessey Performance founder and CEO John Hennessey boasts that the new hypercar is coming out with "improved aerodynamics and technology."

In an official press release, the company announced that the new Venom F5 will be ready to debut later this year. Hennessey described the new hypercar as "sophisticated aggression on wheels."

The name of the new model was based on the F5 tornado, the most powerful and fastest wind on earth. The upcoming hypercar has been designed to perform like the F5 tornado.

The new model runs with sophisticated technology application on the engine, chassis and design aspects. The automaker boasts that the new hypercar features extreme power levels.

Furthermore, the new Venom F5 offers the supreme performance from a hypercar. It runs with better aerodynamics and extremely decreased weight.

The new model is well maintained by Pennzoil of Shell Lubricants. Patty Lanning, Shell Lubricants vice president of marketing, teased that they have the perfect product to maintain the latest and powerful engine of the new Venom F5.

In addition, Hennessey Performance also announced through the press release that they have established a new company named Hennessey Special Vehicles. This new group is in charge of designing, producing, and selling the Venom F5.

The new hypercar is geared to setting a new world record. The speed of the F5 tornado covers a range of 261 mph to 318 mph. Following the F5 tornado capacity, the Texas-based company aims to produce the new Venom F5 to perform a similar rate of achieving almost 300 mph speed.

Meanwhile, the automaker has released an official video teasing the design of the new superfast car. Teaser photos showing the façade and rear sections in silhouette were flashed in the latest promo video of the Venom F5.

Moreover, the upcoming super fast car has been announced to be produced in Texas. The press release also teased that the company will release more details about the upcoming Hennessey Venom F5 "very soon." Check out for more updates in our next report!

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