Why Russia Has Its Own Car-Version Giant Fidget Spinner

Jun 22, 2017 03:38 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


Russia also hopped in the global craze of the fidget spinner. Interestingly, a Russian group called Garage 54 tried to attach three Lada Samaras and formed a giant car-fidget spinner. They were able to spin the connected cars, but not quite long.

Fidget spinners have gained an outstanding surge in popularity in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. People have taken it as a fun toy to play with. Whereas, doctors have also advised that the little device is specifically designed for patients with ADHD, anxiety and autism case.

Nevertheless, the public likes the spinning hype. It seems that the Russian Garage 54 team also wanted to toy with the idea of having a giant fidget spinner. Since the men are all car enthusiasts, they came up with a wacky idea to connect three cars to form a giant spinner.

Garage 54 cut three Lada Saramara cars and took the front sections. They welded together the three cars to form a similar to the triangular toy.

When they have finished the giant car-fidget spinner, the connected cars were able to move around in circles. Unfortunately, the cars broke down easily and one of the three cars was needed to be detached from the other two VAZ-2109 cars by being towed away from the link.

Despite the short-lived success of the spin, it seems that the team still felt elated with the outcome. One of the members of Garage 54 said, "You saw it yourself. It looks like a real spinner. We didn't get the crazy spinning, as the cars started to break down, but we still managed to drive three cars at once."

Check out below video and see how the giant car-fidget spinner tried to spin around. The team also has a video on the complete process of their experiment.

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