Prior Design Audi R8 Gets Even More Muscled Up And Aggressive!

Jun 06, 2017 02:10 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Prior Design Audi R8 is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The stock Audi R8 is already insane as it is. Having it undergo modification from Prior Design makes it even more drool-worthy, to say the least.

Prior Design is an establishment that specializes in aftermarket parts. The company decided to make a second-generation Audi R8 look even more aggressive and more muscled up. What they've done is definitely a work of art, generally welcomed by car enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Prior Design's offering includes bulging fenders on all four corners, new side skirts and tweaked bumpers. To complete the look are modified front hood and prominent rear diffuser. These are all made from fiberglass Duraflex.

It also comes with 20-inch rims. New exhaust systems and suspension kits may be ordered together with a host of other cabin upgrades. Prior Design also gives the Audi R8 one of the widest rear ends ever seen on Audi V-10. Its bulging fenders and fat bumper are responsible for an even more power than it already has.

The Prior Design Audi R8 definitely means business. However, the R8 retains its 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V-10 in stock form. For the serious owners, the company is able to make the car even more insanely powerful by producing over 2,000-horsepower. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has nothing on it if that's the case.

The Audi R8 in stock form is critically acclaimed by experts. This supercar is on its own demonic. Its V-10 engine is the main culprit. Imagine, Prior Design did not even tweak the engine. It means that it packs some serious punch.

As the first generation R8 arrived in 2006, it already had an enviable reputation in the world of motorsports. It did manage to deliver and impress. The Prior Design Audi R8 is even made better. Thumbs up to this great masterpiece!

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