Porsche Denies Accusations Over Emissions Test Cheating Scandal

Jun 05, 2017 03:46 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

Porsche and Audi have been accused of cheating on emissions tests. The automaker has quickly denied the accusations. Is the automaker guilty or not?

German publications are now circulating reports saying the transportation authorities are investigating on Volkswagen's luxury brands for possible cheating. Apparently, KBA motor vehicle authority is looking at the possibility that the brands have utilized an illicit software to cheat on the emissions test each time the steering wheel is turned.

The Audi A7 and A8 models are the models in question. According to the report, these models emit nitrogen oxides in excess when the steering wheel is turned more than 15 degrees.

The automaker, however, was prompt to deny the accusations. Porsche released a statement via email saying, "We can confirm for all Porsche models: We are not using steering movements for the sake of detecting a test bench driving cycle and reacting to it," Reuters have noted.

As of press time, KBA has not released an official statement in response to Porsche's claim. It has neither granted any request for comment as well.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Audi has been accused of cheating in the emissions tests. Apparently, it has also been reported last year that transport regulators in California have allegedly found out that Audi has used a software to defeat emissions controls during the tests.

The report claimed that Audi used a "defeat device" software that is activated through reading the movements of the steering wheel to detect when the car is being tested in a lab. The report details that the engineers from the California test even schemed a different method in implementing the emissions tests to outwit the cheating device.

The engineers changed the process by turning the steering wheel 15 degrees, and they figured that the vehicle quickly began to emit carbon dioxide at higher levels. Sounds familiar, right?

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