Is Toyota TJ Cruiser The Company's Upcoming Crossover?

Jun 01, 2017 01:01 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Toyota's latest news is definitely exciting! Recent developments state the TJ Cruiser is the next crossover offering of the Japanese car maker. This news certainly is enough to keep fans and experts looking forward.

Toyota has made impeccable vehicles over the years. The addition of its TJ Cruiser may well be an addition to it. This is reported to be the successor of Toyota's FJ Cruiser, which has been making waves in different parts of the world.

The TJ Cruiser is based on the Toyota FT-4X Concept. However, it won't be called as the FT-4X. instead, it may well have TJ Cruiser as its name. This rumored upcoming vehicle is targeted for Millennials. Its overall look and feel makes it highly appealing for such market.

It is different from the mission of the FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser's conception was built on reviving the memory of FJ Land Cruiser known for its off-roading capabilities. The TJ Cruiser is not going to be as powerful as the FJ, but it makes for a fun drive.

The FT-4X concept has not made many fans. It did not seem appealing as it was first introduced. However, Toyota may still push for it with some alterations to its aesthetics. It has yet to be confirmed.

Toyota is also sticking to its promise to be less boring. Photos and images of the supposed TJ Cruiser show something extra-ordinary. It does have an out-of-this-world feel. As Millennials try to be the best and unique, choosing this crossover may well put them as the talk of the town.

Toyota had to wait and monitor the reaction as it introduced the FT-X4 Concept in New York last April. It may have disappointed many onlookers, however, Toyota may have somehow decided to produce it with TJ Cruiser as its name.

The TJ Cruiser is definitely something to watch out for. Its market appeal has yet to be seen as it officially gets launched. However, official news on its release has not been made available just yet.

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