Upcoming BMW i3: Notable Changes Come From Under The Hood

May 28, 2017 01:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

BMW's plan of refreshing and updating its i3 may be underway. This is made possible by a recent BMW i3 render that has been made available. However, official news on its fruition has yet to be provided by BMW.

Based on compiled spy shots, the BMW i3 has very subtle aesthetic styling update. Its body still takes on the same shape aside from its new fascia and front diffuser. Rear details were not made available, however, it may not get as much changes as well.

If one has to speculate, its hood may be the recipient of much of its changes. It may not be as drastic, however, changes may be significant. The new i3S is expected to produce as much as 200-horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. This is stronger as compared to the current one which only produces 168-horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque.

Back in April, Garage Italia even transformed both the i3 and 18 into a colorful rolling works of art. This is the second time the i8 has gone through visual modification from the shop. BMW actually has a long tradition of turning its cars into canvasses of artists as recipient of their impressive creativity.

BMW cars have been subjected to art-car treatment, which the BMW i3 also recently got. Such artistic update also may have revived the interest for others to come up with their own versions of the electric car.

BMW is definitely all set to take on the top rank in terms of producing electric cars. It also has its BMW i5, which is expected to do well as the current i3 and i8. This may well be a threat to Tesla's cars. Clearly, going electric is the future of cars. BMW is bent on being one of the best in this aspect.

The upcoming BMW i3 render is definitely something that gives a little bit of excitement to its future. It has been planned to have an updated one, unfortunately, not much follow-up has been provided. For now, the artist's render should do it. After all, the next i3 may have similarities to the render recently made available.

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