Is Tesla Trying To Down-Sell The New Model 3? Check Out Leaked Details Here!

May 25, 2017 05:10 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

Tesla Model 3 details have been leaked when a comparative chart has surfaced recently. However, there is a question that lingers in the mind of car analysts: Was the leak intended to boost sales of the new sedan or to down-sell it?

A chart comparing the previous Model S and Model 3 has been leaked and is now circulating. The leaked document is believed to be a portion of a sales brochure to give potential buyers the information they need to know in choosing between the two sedans.

According to the retail comparison chart reported by InsideEVs, which was first posted by Tesla Model 3 Owners Club, the new model boasts of a 5.6-second time to reach 0 to 60mph. The new sedan also promises only 215+ miles of range.

Furthermore, the new Model 3 can seat five adults. It also measures 14 cu-ft in front and rear trunk cargo volume. The chart also listed that the new sedan has 100 configurations. The infotainment system comes with one display of 15-inch center touchscreen.

In terms of supercharging, the new Model 3 is not free. It can be availed via Pay Per Use Supercharging. Meanwhile, aside from the details of the new Model 3, the chart also included the specs of the current Model 3. In comparison, the new model appears to be of lower grade than the current model.

In the leaked chart, the better specs of the current Model S seem to have been magnified against the upcoming Model 3. The former gets free unlimited supercharging while the latter has a fee. The former is faster at the 2.3-second rating and bigger range capacity of 355 miles of range.

In addition, the chart boasts that the current Model S has two digital displays and 1,500+ configurations. The current model is also bigger to seat additional two children aside from the regular five adults.

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 has been promoted greatly in the previous press releases that the automaker has acquired more than 370,000 preorders already. The leak of the comparison chart, which seems to show the lower specs instead of boasting the great features of the upcoming model, is quite intriguing. Is Tesla trying to avoid new orders for the upcoming Model 3 now? Why does the brand not sounding to boost the sales of the upcoming sedan any further?

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