Mysterious Chevrolet SUV Spotted: Is It The New Trailblazer Or Just A Bigger Equinox?

May 25, 2017 03:26 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Mysteries are always fun. That's exactly what Chevrolet is giving us by having a mysterious Chevrolet SUV being tested in the mountains of Colorado. Different speculations are now being formulated after such spotting was made publicly available.

The mysterious Chevrolet SUV is a good cross between Trax and the Equinox. It is actually difficult to pinpoint as the prototype has been seen heavily disguised. The final appearance has been totally obscured for anyone to make sound and informed conclusions.

Rumors are currently spreading like wildfire with some suggesting it as the all-new Trailblazer, which may again be available. The Trailblazer is still big in some parts of Asia. Other rumors suggest it is a new Traverse. The guessing game is definitely on!

Noticeably, these mentioned crossovers are almost of the same size. The mysterious Chevrolet SUV somehow resembles any of the crossovers the company produced over the years and even recently. What could this mystery SUV be?

There is also a suggestion that it looks like the FNR-X concept introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show. If so, then this mysterious vehicle should sport active suspension to deal with the rough terrain of the Colorado mountains. However, this is impossible as the concept is not expected to reach production stage in several years.

If it is indeed a bigger Chevrolet Equinox, then its excellent handling and ride quality should've been seriously tested. The driver must have all good words to say about it because of its sporty feel without sacrificing comfort. However, this again may not be plausible. The car manufacturer recently made the Equinox available on sale so having another one shortly after may seem to be redundant altogether.

At this point, the mysterious Chevrolet SUV is to remain nothing but just a mystery. There are no words from the manufacturer yet, so no official or confirmatory word is out. Stay tuned for any reports regarding this ever-mysterious SUV will immediately be reported.

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