Mazda New Rotary Sports Car: Company Magazine Hints Release Despite Denials From Execs

May 24, 2017 01:00 AM EDT | Rebecca Pearson


Talks about Mazda's release of a new rotary sports car won't die down. Time and again, the Japanese automaker denied this rumor but speculations continue to surface.

The stories cropped up again as the company nears its 50th anniversary release for the rotary. This time, however, the source of the latest rumor about the rotary sports car's revival came from an official publication in Zoom Zoom, the company's in-house magazine.

It cited, "The rotary may indeed be on the verge of a comeback," as reported by Car Scoops. The news outlet further reported Mazda will hold a gathering in September to discuss the future of the rotary engine.

Another portion of the magazine's feature delved on how the rotary engine built and established the business 50 years ago that it became the company's trademark feature. "And the story's not over yet," the magazine hinted, as per Performance Drive.

Mazda discontinued the rotary engine when it ceased the production and sale of the RX-8 in 2012. Also known as the Wenkel engine, the rotary appealed to car enthusiasts because it was small, lightweight and compact, and yet it was extremely powerful. Its engineering, however, lacked fuel efficiency which no longer worked for today's standards.

In 2016, Mazda applied for a patent for what looked like an updated rotary engine that industry insiders dubbed as the successor to its trademark engine. Reports stated the company intended to use this for its future plug-in hybrid range but Mazda gave no further confirmation, hence the rumors abounded.

Mazda's next generation RX model will not go on sale until 2020. With these recent reports coming from an official magazine, observers noted the upcoming model could be powered by this new rotary engine, as per Motoring. Learn more about the Wenkel engine in this video below.

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