Most Attractive Car In The World Is Going For $4 Million [PHOTO, VIDEO]

May 23, 2017 01:00 AM EDT | Rebecca Pearson

The most attractive car in the world currently fetches a commanding $4 million price tag. On May 27, someone will become the happy owner of this car when RM Sotheby puts it up for auction at Villa Arba in Italy.

The Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Coupe, which Figoni et Falaschi released in 1937, earned the nickname "The Teardrop" because of the car's form and lines. The French company built the car with distinct fenders shaped like teardrops. Some described this Talbot-Lago as a lot like an art deco masterpiece, as per Daily Mail.

From its limited 16 releases, only two versions of the Talbot-Lago currently exist in black and gray shades. The vehicle up for auction belonged to a certain H. Frey from Switzerland, who kept his Talbot-Lago secure, sedentary and hidden during World War II. Princess Stella of Karputhala, India's royal family, has the other version, according to In Auto News.

Frey redesigned his Talbot-Lago with a convertible body with the help of Hermann Graber, a famous coachbuilding company during that era. In 1966, Frey sold it to another owner, G. Frey, who kept the gorgeous vehicle until 1987.

The Teardrop's unnamed third owner, however, decided to put the car's original body back in 2000. According to Motor1, this owner hired a French builder to make an authentic recreation as the first conversion stripped the Talbot-Lago off its original body.

Everything else from this vehicle is factory-original. The Talbot-Lago still has a good six-cylinder engine despite its age as an 80-year-old vehicle. It might not match the speed and performance of today's modern cars. Collectors, however, eye this attractive automobile not for its function but for its timeless beauty.

As Sotheby stated, The Teardrop is "the absolute focal point of any collection, event or concurs where it is presented." Watch car collector Jay Leno showcase this vehicle a few years back on his show "Jay Leno's Garage" in the video below.

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