Apple Better Than FitBit And Xiaomi In Wearable Sales, Thanks To Apple Watch

May 06, 2017 04:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


And it happened! Apple is now the world's biggest wearable seller because of Apple Watch's astounding sales performance. FitBit used to do well, even holding such title for 2016, but it's now Apple's time to shine. Xiaomi is a new player and is considerably doing better, but not good enough to take the top spot.

Apple sold an estimated 3.5 million Apple Watch units in the first quarter of 2017 alone, this making it the biggest seller of wearables according to Strategy Analytics. This data translates to a total of 16 percent share of the global market. With an even greater demand of wearables in North America, Western Europe, and Asia, Apple's share may even become bigger.

Xiaomi comes in second which is still good considering that it had a slight decline in the number of units shipped. FitBit on the other hand, took the hardest hit as it suffered its biggest year-on-year decline. FitBit's sale for the first quarter was nearly half of its sales same quarter last year.

Based on reports, Apple earned $11 billion on revenues of $52.9 billion. Apple's wearable segment is its fastest selling segment. Much of this success if due to the fact that Apple Watch 2's success has been groundbreaking. Many brands tried to undo it, but it just simply can't be undone.

FitBit disclosed that it sold a total of 3 million units for Q1 of 2017. If the trend continues on, then 2017 may not be the year of FitBit. However, it reigned supreme the entire 2016 as it sold 22.3 million fitness trackers.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook said that the impressive performance of its Apple Watch is because of its advanced fitness and health tracking capabilities. Other devices have come close to what it can do and deliver, but not quite close enough to overtake it. Its connectivity and extensive ability to track important fitness-related items are hard to replicate.

Apple being the biggest wearable seller, overtaking that of FitBit and Xiaomi's, well, did not come as a surprise. Since Apple has been successful in almost all of its endeavors, it is but natural for its wearable segment to take its turn for the glorious moment. That moment is now and seems like its going to go for long.

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