Samsung Note 8 Will NOT Have Dual Cameras But Another Samsung Device

May 05, 2017 04:30 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Very recently, a new update just came out relating to one of the most talked about releases of Samsung Note 8. Reports suggest that it will not come with a dual camera, but instead, such feature will be in another Samsung device.

Just when everyone's excited to see Samsung Note 8 having the twin rear cameras, this may not be entirely the case. This is brought about by a recent leak from @mmddj_china, in which the leaker flat out said that "the first dual camera phone of Samsung is not the Note 8" which was posted on May 2.

He then continued by clarifying that it will be another Samsung device called the Samsung Galaxy C. Hand drawn images of Samsung Galaxy C device were also made available by the said leaker. It is important to note, however, that these images and the entire news have yet to be confirmed by Samsung. It may be somehow reliable, but it is not entirely conclusive. Nothing is made official unless it came straight from Samsung itself.

As per the analysis of industry experts, this may well be possible. The Samsung Galaxy S phones are praised and lauded for its excellent camera capabilities, however, there are still other functions that remain unattainable for just having one lens. This is particularly true in the case of iPhone 7 Plus' "Portrait Mode."

Since it is perceived that Samsung may already have been in the middle of Note 8 production, having dual camera may not be entirely needed for such a powerful device. The Samsung Note 8 surely will have a highly capable camera, but it will not be its primary selling point.

Its main feature will largely involve around its display for ultimate viewing experience. It is rumored to come with 4K AMOLED display for enhanced viewing of videos and other work and business related files. The Samsung Note 8 is also expected to come with beefed up S-Pen capabilities, after all, it won't be called Note if not for its S-Pen.

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