Samsung Now Ready To Test Its Own Self-Driving Car?

May 04, 2017 10:50 PM EDT | Gerone Trish

Samsung is also taking the route to autonomous vehicle industry. The tech giant has reportedly acquired approval to test its own self-driving technology.

Samsung is the latest addition to the list of tech giants who have begun taking the autonomous vehicle journey. Other tech industry names like Apple and Google have already taken the route, and Samsung seems to be jumping in as a strong rival as well.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea has granted Samsung the approval to test its self-driving technology. The approval allows the tech giant to conduct the test on public roads.

Samsung has reportedly produced its very own autonomous vehicle. The tech giant received the go signal for its pilot test run this week.

According to Korea Herald, Samsung Electronics aims to create highly advanced sensors and computer modules to enhance the vehicle's self-driving capacities amidst demanding weather conditions. The said technology features will be supported by artificial intelligence and deep-learning technologies.

The report also revealed that Samsung and Hyundai have partnered in this project. The autonomous vehicle that Samsung is developing will be a Hyundai car sporting the latest sensors and cameras. Technically speaking, Samsung will only be doing the technology software while Hyundai will still produce the car.

Meanwhile, it seems that South Korea is all out to expand the autonomous vehicle industry. Since February 2016, the Land Ministry has already issued 20 approvals on the pilot runs of autonomous vehicles. It was in fact, Hyundai Motor Co. that has acquired the very first go signal from the ministry.

The Land Ministry said in a statement that the autonomous vehicles "call for the collaboration of various cutting-edge technologies from the automobile, artificial intelligence and information communication sectors." The ministry also mentioned that it will continue to promote an environment highly suitable for the autonomous sector's growth.

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