Nissan Developed The Signal Blocker In It's Attempt To Save Lives By Not Receiving Calls and Messages

May 04, 2017 11:20 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


Nissan invented a device that blocks any communication signal on phones while driving. The signal blocker is installed in the armrest of the Juke Crossover where the driver can put his phone while driving.

The box will act as a blocker to prevent any signal reaching the phone. This aims to remove any distraction amongst drivers especially when someone starts calling the drivers' mobile phone.

Why did Nissan think of building this prototype? Well, almost half a million people get injured or worse, killed in car crashes.

One reason for these accidents is something that most drivers are guilty of, talking or texting on the phone. These incidents are shocking due to the fact that these circumstances can be avoided if only they followed one simple rule and that is not to use cell phones while driving. Because of these perennial problems, car company Nissan provided a solution. 

In England, fines, and penalties for drivers caught using cell phones while driving was increased. This was enacted due to a widespread practice of phoning while driving.

The new law wants to prevent drivers from accessing their devices while on the wheel.  Some drivers do not mind ringing or blinking devices while driving.  But for those who cannot resist the urge to answer or grab the device, Nissan's signal shield is a simple solution to keep someone's eyes on the road instead of on the phone.

Some did not accept this idea positively knowing that Nissan signal shield will total render the phone useless. This notion was removed when the company explained that the phones can stay be used for entertainment since they can be connected via USB. Only the communication features will be disabled. The entertainment feature will not the company assured customers.

However, some motorists are apprehensive on this measure due to their disability to receive emergency messages. Others even consider this method a draconian device. Despite these considerations, government officials are already thinking of a more permanent way to prevent phone use by blocking phone signals in the future. 

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