Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Spoilers; Goku Recruits Tien and Roshi But Found His Master Cursed

May 03, 2017 11:00 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


After the intense episode 88 of the popular anime show, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 will feature Goku trying to recruit Master Roshi and Tien. But it seems like it is going to be a difficult task for Goku thinks the Turtle Hermit is under a spell. Here's a spoiler of what is about to come in this episode.

In the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 titled "An Unknown Beauty Appears!The Teshin-Style Dojo's Mystery?!", Goku visited Tenshinhan's Dojo. He needed to convince both Master Roshi and Tien to join him to complete the Universe 7 team.

He is actually impressed with the place. But He was unprepared to see that the Master teacher has gone berserk. He was charging towards Goku and engaging him in a fight.

Interestingly, he has a talisman on his forehead, as well as a purple aura around him based on the teasers. Goku knew that he is being controlled by someone. It could be that the mysterious lady named Yurin is the culprit. Aside from the Master, Tenshinhans' students were also cursed.

Goku must find a way to get rid of the curse and bring back Master Roshi to his original state. They need to do this as soon as possible so he can join the team and help the Universe 7 team in their training. "Dragon Ball Super" followers knew well that the Master trained Goku, Gohan, Krillin and Yamcha in Battle of Gods.

With the Tournament of Power just a few days away, will Goku be able to prepare all his teammates to face their enemy? Who will be their first opponents? The answers will be unveiled soon. Don't forget to catch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 every Saturday at Crunchyroll, 7:15 pm CST and Adult Swim at 11:30 pm.

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