All-New Nintendo 2DS XL Coming This July 28: Is It Worth Getting Over Other 3DS Systems?

Apr 29, 2017 06:00 AM EDT | Andrew Davis


Since the Nintendo NES Classic Mini has said its goodbyes and the Switch is booming and is becoming a hot item, another interesting console has recently been announced Japanese video game company. Coming this July 28 is another addition to the Nintendo 3DS family, the all-new Nintendo 2DS XL. But is it really worth it?

Consumers will have a 3rd option in the Nintendo 3DS family as the new console will be making its official debut in North America on July 28. Offered at a suggested retail price of $149.99, this new console is a perfect fit between the 3DS XL and 2DS systems.

But what is it exactly? As President and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aimé puts it, the new Nintendo 2DS XL is for consumers who want the size and spatial comfort of the 3DS XL but couldn't care less about auto-stereoscopic razzle-dazzle.

Basically, it's just a 3DS XL minus the 3D but is a 2DS in a clamshell form. Since the Japanese video game company has been releasing regularly hardware variants of its 3DS systems, since 2011, then the new Nintendo 2DS XL is the most affordable, with a larger screen, of the line.

It's lighter with an ergonomic folding design and extra large screens. It has a C-stick for enhanced control, Amiibo support via NFC, and Z-buttons, and to top it off, it is compatible with all the games exclusive in the 3D XL.

So, you would ask yourself whether the all-new Nintendo 2DS XL is worth getting than the other members of the 3DS family? In a nutshell, this new console is a price cut of some sort of the 3DS, although it seems it is the best 3DS of the lineup.

And hardware-wise, it has a few extra perks compared with the 2DS as it received a similar hardware upgrades like those of the new 3DS. To put simply, it plays Nintendo DS and 3DS games and SNES games on the Nintendo eShop. Also, it has a stylus and, per Nintendo, it has faster load times and extra parental controls for software.

The all-new Nintendo 2DS XL will launch on July 28, the same day as "Hey! PIKMIN" and "Miitopia." Based on the trailer below, US shores might be getting the black & blue color scheme. So, if you really want this new console and can't seem to afford the Switch, better think about it first and ask yourself if you are ready to say goodbye to the 3DS.

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