Tesla Model S Standing Suffered Because Of Brake Issue

Apr 28, 2017 06:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Tesla has prided itself on being the most efficient manufacturer of electric vehicles. It has consistently been getting good ranking and reviews from Consumer Reports. However, this may not be the case as Tesla Model S no longer has the top ranking as it failed to deliver something that is supposed to come as a standard. It is directly related to a brake issue.

Tesla has lost its ranking because it failed to install an emergency braking feature which is expected to come as standard in its Model S. The Consumer Reports recently said that Tesla Model S will no longer be on top of the ultra-luxury car category because of this. Tesla Model S now is in the third, with Lexus LS and BMW 7 Series enjoying the first and second spot.

The third spot is definitely not bad at all, however, this may be difficult for Tesla to digest as it has been on top of such category. Tesla acted on this almost immediately based on a statement released. It recalled a total of 53,000 Model S and Model X to also fix another unrelated parking brake issue.

Consumer Reports said that it will re-evaluate Tesla scores the moment it completes its installation of AEB to all owners. The company is also expected to sell all new vehicles with such feature already activated. Tesla said in an emailed statement that it will include AEB in a software update to be pushed to owners this week.

The Tesla Model S drops by two points from 87 to 85. This is then responsible for it trailing behind Lexus and BMW. This also took its toll on Tesla Model X as it too suffered a two-point drop from 58 to 56. The Model X did not rate very high, but because of the two-point decrease, it now sits almost at the bottom of the luxury mid-sized category.

The Tesla Model S, unfortunately, took the hardest hit because of the brake issue. However, it is good news that the California car manufacturer is quick in terms of its action. In no time, the Tesla Model S should comfortably sit at the top again.

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