‘Cars 3’ Latest Trailer Reveals McQueen Rediscovers Himself After The Fatal Crash; Will He Still Win Over Storm?

Apr 27, 2017 07:00 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

"Cars 3" latest trailer has just been released. The new clip revealed the major plot of the movie, where Lightning McQueen lost hope after the fatal crash and rediscovered himself to get back on the race track. However, the trailer also posted a boggling question: Will he still win over the superfast, young racer, Jackson Storm?

Disney Pixar has just released the latest full trailer for the upcoming movie, "Cars 3." The film outfit took to its official Twitter account the full trailer for the third sequel of the "Cars" film.

A day prior to the trailer release, Disney Pixar first posted a teaser announcing the release of the trailer. The tweet alerted the public to watch out for the release of the new trailer for "Cars 3" the following day.

The new trailer gave a huge surprise on the fans of the beloved series. The plot that was revealed is something that is far from what the fans are expecting.

The trailer began showing Lightning McQueen at the prime of his career, with numerous endorsements. Until another scene revealed he had a fatal crash during a race.

In the clip, Lightning McQueen was shown broken after the fatal crash. Even the race anchor can be heard expressing his hopes that it will not be the last race of the "Cars" superhero.

This plot showing Lightning McQueen in the losing spot, broken and hopeless, has led to the biggest shock of the fans of the movie series. This plot is something unexpected.

Apparently, the third sequel was intended to show an unexpected plot. According to the film director, Brian Fee, they have actually planned to get out of the usual plot to show that the third sequel is not the same "Cars" movie that fans would be expecting.

In the same press event, producer Kevin Reher revealed that they have even received a letter from an 8-year-old child asking, "Are you really killing Lightning McQueen?" The child also mentioned that he plans to buy the toy that killed Lightning, so he can also kill the superhero's killer.

Fortunately, the new trailer revealed Lightning McQueen is up and about. However, he was also shown going through his lowest point in his life. The new movie seems to have highlighted this plot where the superhero went through being hopeless, to rediscovering himself again and gaining a new confidence to go back to doing what he loves, and that is "racing."

The upcoming "Cars 3" also highlights the new important characters in the film. Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer) is the super fast and young racer who is out to give Lightning McQueen the biggest challenge in his career. There is also the amazing new character Cruz (voiced by Cristela Alonzo), who would play a big part in helping the superhero to rediscover himself and get back to the race track.

Meanwhile, the new trailer for "Cars 3" did not reveal how the race of Lightning McQueen against Jackson Storm will end. The clip teases that the former does not have a big chance to defeat the latter.

"Cars 3" is set to hit the theaters on June 16. It remains to be seen if the movie's superhero will be able to win over the new, superfast, young racer. What do you think? Will the superhero find the end of his career?


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