McLaren Cuts Four-Door Possibility But Open For Four-Seat GT

Apr 25, 2017 06:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

McLaren recently revealed that it is not fine with a four-door option. However, it may consider the possibility of having a four-seater GT. McLaren has been known because of its distinct two-door character and it wants to remain that way.

McLaren has no answer to its supposed arch rival, the Ferrari GT4 Lusso for being a four-seater. The McLaren 570GT is considered as the company's most practical model to date which appears to have extra storage on top of the engine bay.

According to McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt, the company is exploring the possibility of having a four-seater. However, he is clear and stern by saying that McLaren will never have a four-door car to directly compete with Ferrari's Lusso. He continued on by saying that he can see four seats but not four doors.

McLaren is not in anyway ready to veer away from its two-door appeal just yet. Flewitt also explained the three main criteria new products have to meet. There should be a sound business case, would stay loyal to the McLaren brand, and it should lead the segment when it comes to technology.

This makes a lot of sense. Having a four-seater doesn't alter much of McLaren's distinct characteristic as the difference can only be witnessed once inside. Having four-door vehicle significantly alters the look altogether which McLaren will not allow to happen- just yet. End of the day, if there's a demand for a four-door McLaren, they may not have much choice but to deliver it.

McLaren is also in its ambitious stage to launch 15 new models in the next five years. The company is reported to be exploring new genres which are deemed necessary. It already began recently at the Geneva Motor Show when the 720S debuted. There are also expected to have more surprises along the way.

Many seem to be in agreement as McLaren ditches the four-door option but slightly embracing the possibility of having a four-seater variant. However, it may still be early to have everything concluded. Who knows, having a four-door may be one of the surprises in the years to come.

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