A Different Microsoft Surface Laptop Coming Out Instead Of The New Surface Book?

Apr 24, 2017 08:00 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

Microsoft is allegedly launching a different Surface laptop instead of the highly anticipated Surface Book next week. Latest leaks preview the specs of the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud which can power up a lower version laptop to rival Google's Chromebook.

Microsoft is now rumored to unveil a lower end version of a "Surface laptop" at its May 2 event titled #MicrosoftEDU to be held in New York. The theory stems from an allegedly leaked specs for the new operating system expected to be launched next week.

Reports claim an internal document has been leaked which contains the hardware performance of the upcoming OS, the Windows 10 Cloud. The allegedly leaked specs include Chromebook's similar features such as a battery life of 10-hours, 20-second rate from cold boot to log in and a two-second resume rate to log in. The document also specified the recommended minimum specs like the quad-core processor (Celeron or better), 32GB of storage with 4GB of RAM, and a fast eMMC or SSD.

From the allegedly leaked specs, Microsoft is now rumored to be working on a different laptop to utilize the new Windows 10 Cloud and eventually compete with the Chromebook. Apparently, the new operating system only requires lower cost technology, which strengthens the theory of the new low-cost laptop.

Furthermore, the report notes that the current Surface Book is quite pricey. The current laptop carries a minimum $1,600 price tag.

The high-end variant of the current Surface Book comes more expensive with a $3,000 price tag. In this regard, the tech giant is highly speculated to introduce a cheaper version with lower specs to make the "Surface laptop" more affordable.

Meanwhile, sources have varying predictions. The report also claims some of its sources also say the new laptop may not likely be introduced next week. Tipsters believe the new device will be delayed a week after.

Microsoft has not released any official statement regarding this allegedly leaked specs and speculated new laptop variant. The upcoming May 2 event of the tech giant is yet to confirm if there will be a different Surface laptop, other than the highly anticipated Surface Book.

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