Xiaomi Mi 6 Officially Coming Out With The Best Specs In One Device

Apr 24, 2017 07:00 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


Xiaomi Mi 6 has officially been launched, boasting of its powerful specs. Analysts say the new flagship has the best features in one device.

Xiaomi has unveiled the successor of Xiaomi Mi 5 with the latest technology features. The new smartphone is powered by the latest 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor. It comes equipped with Kyro cores integrated with Adreno 540 GPU.

The top-notch chipset will support the other outstanding feature of the new Mi 6. The new handset comes with 6GB of RAM.

Aside from the powerful chipset, the new smartphone comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Users will also enjoy its new stereo speakers.

The new Mi 6 comes with a 1,080p panel screen. The display also helps protect the eyes as the new handset has an "Eye Care" mode which can filter some of the blue light. This mode does not compromise the display colors as it does not have the usual aggressive yellow tint.

On the display, a home button and a fingerprint reader can be spotted. The home button seems to appear like the one from HTC 10.

Looking at the edges, the glass curves upward on the back section of the new smartphone. Whereas, the front of the handset is being wrapped by the glass which curves four ways on the corners.

The new Mi 6 also claims the whole body is splash resistant. However, the handset is not waterproof enough to withstand being submerged in water.

Furthermore, Xiaomi Mi 6 boasts of its battery life. The device comes with a 3350mAh battery.

With regard to the camera, the new Mi 6 can compete with the iPhone 7 Plus. The new Mi 6 also has a wide angle lens with 4-axis stabilization. It also has a secondary telephoto camera which has the capacity to do a 2x optical zoom.

The camera also features the brand's Portrait Mode. This feature automatically locates the subjects. However, the Portrait Mode has a downside as the user does not have much control on the effect on images.

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