Is Apple MacBook Pro Losing Out On Surveys? What Features Needs to Be Added and Improved?

Apr 24, 2017 08:00 AM EDT | Hannah Jill

Early this year Apple received many critical and negative reviews on its New Apple MacBook Pro in different laptop reviews.  Apple has dropped down significantly to 5th place which is behind Dell, HP, Lenovo and Asus.

The latest category where Apple fell was with the "Value and Selection" category. It will be recalled however that in the previous years, Apple has been awarded the top spot every year since 2010. 

However, the Apple MacBook Pro had made so much improvement with its improved version. It gained good reviews for being super-thin and light and it's touch bar design.

It has multi USB-C ports and Bigger trackpad. Also, its memory starts with 8GB of RAM up to 16GB for 13-inch models while its 15-inch models have a 16GB maximum memory.  

Apple has always believed in the idea that investing on the Apple MacBook Pro promises good lifetime returns for the device. But still, reviewers are asking what could make Apple  MacBook Pro top other brands in its category. Here's a list of features that will delight Apple Users and make sure it receives positive feedbacks.

Bigger RAM. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series has a 32 GB Memory and is called a Badass RAM because of its memory. Although an 8GB is recommended these days  (which Apple already has), an upgraded version with a bigger memory will be awesome! This would be impressive for professionals who needs a huge memory.

Quad-core CPU's. Who wouldn't like a small laptop having the same power as its 15" and 17" inch models? With the outstanding engineers Apple has, they can surely find ways on how this small laptop can out do other brands in this category. 

Bluetooth 5. For some time now Apple has proven it outranks most laptops in wireless technology, however, the Bluetooth 5 was already unveiled since June 2016. But up to now, it's still using the 4.2 technology. A little boost will make users happier.

SD Card Reader. Many Photo Editors, photographers and even daily users who want a bigger storage dreams of the return of the SD Card Reader. This will help them import their work easier and make their work faster. It has always been a big question why Apple removed the slot. 

Connectivity Issues. Many users complained over and over again regarding their connectivity issues such as losing it so frequently. With this issue, it's about time for Apple to consider updating its hardware and software which are essential to wireless connectivity. This will greatly improve the user experience. 

Some have negative and positive reviews about Apple's popular laptop, still, it's dependable and a smart laptop to use. Moving forward, Apple promises that they are preparing something special for the Apple MacBook Pro consumers next year. Consumers just need to wait and be patient. Stay tuned for more news.

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