Nokia 3310: It's Europe's Turn But With A Higher Price Tag

Apr 24, 2017 12:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


It is now Europe's turn to once again witness the wonders of Nokia 3310. This revived version of the world's best selling phone will soon reach the European soil, however, it does have a slightly higher price tag.

As the Nokia 3310 was unveiled and officially debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, many have been in anticipation for its release in different markets. Nokia even announced during the event that it will be available on sale Q2 of 2017.

Recent reports also suggest that Nokia's feature mobile device will be on sale in Europe beginning next week. However, many European markets are selling it with a different price. HMD Global also announced that the phone will be slightly steeper in the price tag. Austria, for one, will have the Nokia 3310 sold for around $62 from April 28 while other markets are pricing it for $55.

Germany is also offering the Nokia 3310 device the same as that of Austria's. It also shares the same date of sale as Austria, however, the 2G model is the only one listed. Sweden has yet to confirm as to how much it will retail, however, some reports suggest that it may go as high as $95. The price differences are attributed to Europe's tax rate imposed on consumer and electronic goods.

The Nokia 3310 has a bigger QVGA display measuring 2.4-inch with color LCD. This is definitely sleeker and considerably lighter compared to the original version released almost two decades ago. The latest 3310 also runs on Series 30+ software platform and has 2MP primary camera. It does come with 16MB internal storage and also supports microSD to have even more.

The Nokia 3310 is expected to do well in the European market as it gets officially sold there in few days. However, many may consider having this mobile device only for the sake of nostalgia and as a backup phone. This mobile handset has nothing on other more advanced ones that were recently released.

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