Lynk & Co. Big Entrance: Introducing a Car Brand For a New Open World

Apr 22, 2017 04:20 AM EDT | monriza

The new car brand Lynk & Co. made a dramatic entrance at the Shanghai Auto Show. This is a new car brand from Chinese Automaker. The chemise Automaker Geely happens to be the new owner of Volvo Company from China. Lynk & Co. has debuted a new concept car and a production version of the brand's first model. This innovation is considered to be a big crossover. In the event, the company had shared their company's marketing strategy, which is Millennial-focused sales strategy since its debut at Shanghai Auto Show.

The crossover 01 have had unveiled the concept car production ready prototype last October in Berlin. Right now the design has been finalized for the public to see. Another brand-new concept car that Lynk & Co., brought with them to the Shanghai Auto Show was the 03.

 The brand Lynk & Co. questioned where is the 02 concept car. The Chinese Automaker responded to these questions saying that unveiling them out of the numerical order is keeping the brand's commitment to doing things differently. The public reacted that The Chinese Automaker's answer is too far. Some already give conclusion saying that the concept car 02 is not yet ready, and The Chinese Automaker might be cooking something good with the concept car 02, that will give surprise to the public.

Just to be fair to The Chinese Automaker's brand, there is nothing wrong if the brand Lynk & Co. decides to give its full commitment to the company's mission and vision in doing things differently. The brand was announced last fall.The idea of the brand is promising.

 Everyone is considered to be a market for this new brand. It convinces everyone to be more open. New challenges will help you to advance in life. Easy access is everything. Innovative technology.

The new brand Lynk & Co. announced of giving lifetime warranties on the brands new cars.The company is planning numerous options for their consumer's conventional purchases and leases such we shared a vehicle and subscription-base service. The company is literally introducing a car brand for a new open world.



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