This 550-Horsepower Ford Mustang EcoBoost Can Be Yours For Less Than $33,000

Apr 21, 2017 06:41 AM EDT | Yen Palec

A Ford dealer based in Ohio has made a name for itself for offering high-end after-market upgrades for brand new Mustangs. The dealer's most recent creation is a Ford Mustang EcoBoost with high-end power kits that boost the car to produce 550 horsepower.

What is even more interesting about this upgrade scheme is that in only costs $32,995. That is a significant boost of power from a car whose stock rating is 310 horsepower. And once the price is involved in the discussion, the deal even gets sweeter.

The Ohio-based Lebanon Ford dealer first made its name with a Mustang upgraded to 727 horsepower for just $39,995. Not satisfied with what they have accomplished, they proceeded to kit the car with a Hellion turbo boosting its power to an almost incomprehensible 1,200 horsepower for $45,000.

The team's latest project is a Ford Mustang with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, according to Jalopnik. This particular project comes with a bigger turbo and a tuning kit.

Lebanon Ford's upgrade kit will include a 110A Base EcoBoost Mustang equipped with manual transmission, an EFR Turbocharger Kit from Borg-Warner, UPR Catch Can, Levels Intercooler, and Cobb Accessport with Custom Tune from VMP Performance. The upgrade supports EcoBoost Mustang models from 2015-2017. For those who already own an EcoBoost Mustang, Lebanon Ford can fit all the upgrades into the car for just $7,699, according to Motor Authority.

This is an impressive set of upgrades for those who are looking for a one-stop-shop. However, some motoring experts say that it is not the sweetest of deals, especially when you try to shop the upgrades from different retailers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that factory warranty will most likely be voided once all the upgrades are done so always bear that in mind.

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