Hyundai Bets On Voice Assistants, The Future Is Here

Apr 19, 2017 09:40 PM EDT | Joyce Vega

The Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai is planning to put a bigger stress on adding the newest mobile technologies to its cars. Via Blue Link, many different technologies have become available and the company plans on taking advantage of all of them, generating profit in the meantime.

It is reported by Forbes Magazine, that Hyundai is concentrating on introducing and developing the latest technological features for their cars. Via Blue Link, communication and control between the driver and the car can be established and this has offered a vast amount of possibilities which should not be neglected. According to Hyundai, remote start and remote lock are among the most requested and used features in their automobiles.

The voice recognition software implemented in the vehicle help people control the vehicle from a distance, without the needs of keys, remote controls or anything else, but their voice. Another popular feature available in the company’s catalog is the Connect Care Package, which offers series of services, such as location tracking, GPS dispatcher, and others.

At the moment, all the available additional services are free for use, and every new purchase guarantees 12 months of pay-free trial, but the company has plans on monetizing these services, by adding an annual fee for access to them. The question still hangs, will people agree to pay for something, which was already given to them for free, at spans reaching three years?

Whether Hyundai succeed with their plans or not, one thing remains true, the automobile industry is changing, integrating more computer technologies with each passing day. The Verge reported that the Japanese automobile giant Nissan is planning on implementing Microsoft’s Cortana within their vehicles. Cortana will be much more than a nice voice, speaking through the audio system.

In a demonstration video, Microsoft's virtual assistant asks the driver if auto-park should be engaged. Other interesting features coming with Cortana will be integrated calendar/schedule module, interactive display, which will show available information and even Cortana being able to suggest road shortcuts and map updates.

The world is changing and automobiles are getting in terms with that. Hyundai plans on making Blue Link services paid from 2018 on.

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