‘Bayonetta’ Updates: After One Week, More Than 100K Sold On Steam And Bugs Depicted

Apr 19, 2017 07:20 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


"Bayonetta" has reportedly exceeded the 100K-copy mark on the sales count of Steam, just one week after it was officially released last Tuesday on Valve's digital distribution platform. Unfortunately, various bugs have surfaced during the one-week release.

The first installment in the "Bayonetta" series on Steam was launched last Tuesday by Sega. After one week, the sales report reflects more than 100 thousand copies were already sold.

Although the new game did not sell much on the first day of release, "Bayonetta" sales began to quickly pick up several days after. It seems that the gamers were quite busy on the first day of release, but then found time to purchase during the holiday season, specifically on Good Friday where it sold more than 25,000 copies.

Amidst the favorable sales report, various reports on bugs have surfaced as well. One week after the official release, gamers have voiced out their complaints on the game.

Unfortunately, "Bayonetta" has several technical issues which limit the smooth flow of the game. The most common complaints of the players are listed below.

"BAYONETTA" WOULD NOT SAVE. Players complained that they could not save the game. They would need to play from the beginning again and lose the data from the previous game that they have tried to save. There is no way to see the chapter menu so gamers can select and continue from the chapter where they have last played the game.

CONTROLLER DOES NOT WORK. Players have reported that the game controls do not function on a wireless gamepad. "Bayonetta" allegedly accepts only keyboard and mouse inputs while other controllers could not navigate the menus, select options, nor function anything at all.

DOUBLE SCREEN CINEMATICS. Players have experienced an issue on cinematics. Apparently, a small screen appears on the upper left side, doubling up the image on the main screen.

GAME CRASHES. Players reported that "Bayonetta" suddenly crashes. According to the report, while the game is opening up, it suddenly closes.

Should other bugs or game issues are encountered, players are encouraged to report immediately on this discussion link on Steam so the game developers can take note of the issues.

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