AeroMobil Flying Car To Be Unveiled At 2017 Top Marques Monaco; Bookings To Start Later This Year

Apr 19, 2017 05:30 AM EDT | Andrew Davis

The first commercially available flying car might no longer be just a dream, but a reality, as Slovakian start-up firm AeroMobil has recently announced that the company will be launching its flying car. Its first production-ready flying car will grace the covers at the Top Marques Show in Monaco tomorrow, April 20, 2017.

The firm has built upon its first version that was unveiled back in 2014, the version 3.0 prototype. And then, when another prototype crashed mid-flight in 2015, things were a bit sour.

But this Slovakian firm sees the potential of flying cars for the future. In fact, AeroMobil has claimed that its soon-to-be-unveiled two-seater flying car has met regulatory requirements for both cars and planes.

Also, the firm has received $3.2 million in funding for the flying car project. They are also seeking for more investors.

"By combining aero and car functionality in perfect harmony it heralds a new era in efficient and exciting travel, offering users an unparalleled choice of transport on the road or in the air," according to AeroMobil's website.

However, AeroMobil didn't provide any details about its upcoming flying car. But the company did provide images, indicating a slightly reworked version of the 3.0 prototype.

Thus, based on the 3.0 prototype, a Rotax 912 four-cylinder air-cooled engine powers the flying car and delivers 100 horsepower. On air, it has a top speed of 124 mph, while on land, it can reach a top speed of 99 mph.

AeroMobil has also claimed that the 3.0 prototype is fuel-efficient, reaching 35.3 mpg on the road and 4 gallons per hour once in the air. We could only assume that the firm has indeed improved these numbers, once they unveil their creation tomorrow. What remains to be seen also is whether or not AeroMobil's two-seater flying car will actually lift off.

Flying cars are becoming a close possibility as a number of manufacturers are delving into it, the E-Volo being one of the most recent. It will only be a matter of years until road traffic will not be as congested as it is now.

AeroMobil will reveal features and other specs of its first ever production-ready flying car at the 2017 Top Marques Show in Monaco, which opens on April 20. But bookings for this two-seater flying car will not start until later this year.

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