The Volkswagen Payback vs. Repair

Apr 19, 2017 09:11 PM EDT | monriza


In September 2015, people was greatly shocked upon hearing the Diesel Volkswagen Scandal. Volkswagen Company was known in promoting "Clean Diesel" over the years. This reputation was stained when the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resource Board report's a cheating scheme from Volkswagen.

Many diesel owners have expressed their concerns about the situation they are facing right now. Diesel owners purchased the sedan mainly because of the performance of the vehicle. Customers are anxious that they would be forced to initiate vehicle repair, and the repair would destroy the sedan's performance.

Customers choose to have Volkswagen Buyback instead of the vehicle repair. The customer would rather let go of the diesel car than to have it fixed and worry later about the car's performance. With this, many believed that most of the diesel owners will not have their Volkswagen at all.

Out of 475,000 illegally rigged Audi and VW 2.0-Liter diesel sedans that were registered in U.S, only 6,200 owners opted out for repairs. The remaining 238,000 chose to have Volkswagen Buyback as their cars or terminate their leases. The situation means 97.5 percent got out striking while the iron is hot.

Volkswagen has reported that they have bought back or repaired a grand total of 244,200 Audi and VW 2.0-liter diesel. This means that only 2.5 percent of diesel owners chose to have their vehicle fix for them to comply with the Federal Regulation.

The Volkswagen Buyback was approved last October 2016. The fix for the 2.0-liter diesel was approved January this year. The Volkswagen Payback is three months ahead. However, more and more diesel owners are still opting out to this option.

Volkswagen is reaping the fruits of their mistake. However, according to reports, Volkswagen U.S is still making sales. Sales are increasing up to 10.1 percent for the year for VW 2.0-liter, and Audi's is up 8.8 percent. Volkswagen suggested that the increase was due to the payback customer.

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