‘The Winds Of Winter’ News: GRRM’s Current Activities Hint That The Book Is Now On Proofreading Phase?

Apr 18, 2017 08:30 AM EDT | Gerone Trish

"The Winds of Winter" is now speculated to be on its proofreading stage. Apparently, George R.R. Martin's current activities seem to hint that he has already finished writing the highly anticipated sixth novel of "A Song of Ice and Fire."

After years of waiting and heaps of speculations, "The Winds of Winter" continue to acquire new theories as fans never get tired of searching for clues on the status of the over-delayed novel. Latest reports seem to agree on a common theory predicting that GRRM has already finished writing the book.

The current activities of George R.R. Martin are speculated to hint that the renowned author has finally finished the writing stage. Apparently, the author appears to have more time to do personal stuff and even new projects.

The official Twitter account of GRRM seems to prove that the author is now taking his sweet time to goof around with some personal tweets. Fans took this gesture as a sign that the author has finally finished writing the novel and is now stress-free to tweet on a personal note.

GRRM is known to be extremely busy that he has no time to make a personal tweet and maintain his Twitter. Surprisingly, he suddenly posted a picture of himself posing like a rapper, wearing a cap sideways with hand gestures, and a meme "WAZZZUUUPPP!"

When the author posted his rapper-like selfie on Twitter, which is unlikely of him, fans began to link this with the status of the highly anticipated "The Winds of Winter." The tweet now resulted to the theory claiming the author might have already finished writing the novel and now has time to goof around on Twitter.

Furthermore, since GRRM is now reportedly doing new projects, fans created a new theory believing that the author may have already finished writing "The Winds of Winter" and has forwarded his work for proofreading. George R.R. Martin is currently involved in a foundation named StageCoach Foundation which aims to hone the skills of the young brood of TV and movie producers.

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