Tesla Motors Inc.: The Company That Just Keeps Soaring Come What May

Apr 15, 2017 11:31 PM EDT | Paula

Analyst Michelle Krebs believe that Tesla Motors Inc. is different from its competitors. The company managed to outshine General Motors making it on the headlines this week, showing that the company is a force to be reckoned with.

It can be remembered that its sales spiked up to 3 percent on Monday. The company's sales reached around $51.05 billion that day that is higher than General Motor's $50.96 billion.

"In the minds of its customers, employees, and shareholders, Tesla isn't just another company. Tesla engenders optimism, freedom, and defiance... As competitors scramble to catch up, we think they only make themselves appear more desperate," Analyst Alexander Potter explained. 

Investors believe that the company will be more profitable in the years to come despite the problems the company faces. One of the problems faced by Tesla is the lack of appetite for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles that make up 3 percent of the market.

There are analysts who believe that this is not going to change anytime soon because Americans prefer SUVs. Even though, there are some people who were not surprised by the success of the company.

Last year, Tesla Head Elon Musk has been actually expecting a huge pay from Tesla Motors Inc., despite his monetary losses. So far, Musk has been earning less than $40,000 annually.

In 2012, the company was awarded 5.27 million to develop new vehicles and ramp up production. He was given until 2022 to achieve this goal but he already achieved half of it last year.

It has been recently announced that Tesla Model 3 will already begin production in summer, launching in July. When this is launch, the car will be the cheapest vehicle in the market and will be sold around $35,000. This proves that Tesla still manages to be on top no matter what circumstances it faces.

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