The Nissan Leaf Outselling the Chevrolet Bolt is Puzzling

Apr 14, 2017 07:00 AM EDT | Yen Palec

The Nissan Leaf is beating the Chevrolet Bolt in terms of sales output in recent months. The two electric cars have the same price, but the Bolt have a much impressive mileage. It is quite a mystery as to why buyers would choose the Leaf, with less mileage, over the Bolt.

In a report published by InsideEVs, Chevrolet was able to sell 978 Bolts in March. In comparison, Nissan shipped 1,478 Leafs during the same month.

Range anxiety is still a serious issue for electric cars, which is why it is puzzling as to how the Nissan Leaf outsold the Chevrolet Bolt. For the first three months of the year, Nissan has sold 3,287 Leafs while Chevrolet managed to ship 3,092 Bolts.

The electric car market is still in its early phase. This means that these figures are not entirely crucial to each company's overall sales performance. In a statement acquired by Jalopnik, Electric Power Reaserch Institute director of energy utilization Mark Duvall said, "It takes a long time to change someone's inherent perceptions about new technology. Especially with one of the two biggest purchases people make."

Aside from problem with mileage, the electric car industry is also beset with problems like lack of charging stations and the ridiculous amount of time needed to charge electric car vehicles. For long range driving, planning each route is necessary in order to compensate for the much needed charging stations as well as the time required to charge the vehicle, both hurdles not only increase travelling time but also adds hassle.

Electric carmakers are already working on these problems with upgrades such as battery packs. Governments, in their bid to preserve the environment, are also jumping into the electric car craze. Some governments are joining forces with electric car makers in building charging stations.

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