McLaren F1: One Of The Best Cars In The Market Right Now

Apr 13, 2017 11:08 AM EDT | Paula


McLaren F1 is making waves in the market these days as consumers consider the vehicle as one of the best cars in the market. The company will also launch new cars for enthusiasts to enjoy.

It could be remembered that 25 years ago, the car was launched in The Sporting Club. However, there is more to the story because it was initially made four years earlier when the car was released.

McLaren F1 was reportedly based on the design of its design chief, Gordon Murray, back in the sixties. The car is a combination of a Formula 1 car, only with a passenger seat.

When they created the car, they were not thinking about any convention or budget constraints back then. Therefore, they were able to create one of the most remarkable and unique road cars.

McLaren F1 is known for its sophisticated design that is composed with entire carbon-fiber. Even though this is not the only car to use carbon fiber, it is still the first car to do so.

Gordon Murray was even planning to have ceramic brakes for the car. This was never put to place because of the available technology they had that time.

Similar to current McLaren cars, their cars were powered by Honda engines. However, there was a time when BMW engines powered the cars.

They powered the car using a 6.1-liter V12 engine for F1. McLaren F1's engine is also lined with 24-carat gold.

It has a gold lining not to show wealth but because gold is one of the best heat deflectors in the company. It also has a titanium engine exhaust, car pedals, and toolkit.

Last month, McLaren F1 was put into the spotlight when it was announced that it will be making a three-seater hyper-GT that is known for its amazing speed and style. The car actually has a 627-horsepower engine with 6.1-liter V12.

It also has a six-speed manual transmission that allows the car to go at a top speed of 242 mph. So far, there has been no reports on when the new car will be released.

McLaren F1 has a vast history that shows that the company is here to stay. They will continue to create unique cars that are different from their competitors. 

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