2017 BMW M760Li: A Car That Gives Riders The Best Of Both Worlds

Apr 11, 2017 11:22 AM EDT | Paula


BMW is making news lately for the creation of the 2017 BMW M760Li, known for its sporty and dynamic look. This car has the best of both worlds.

The new car is the big brother of BMW M5 and is more aggressive than its younger sibling. It weighs 2180kg and has a 6.6 liter and twin turbo V12 engine that has a 448kW.

It has an all-wheel drive that allows amazing rear-wheel steering and extended wheelbase. The 2017 BMW M760Li also has a package that includes air suspension, adaptive damping, and electrical anti-roll bars.

It is a considered an envy by most thoroughbred sports cars because it is launch control activated, giving the car the ability to go for 100 km/hr in just 3.7 seconds. Aside from that, it also has a package that gives the car the ability to go to 305km/hr instead of 250km/hr.

For its engine, the car has a good acceleration that feels like it is switching to afterburners. When it is in sport mode, it can smoothly shift gears and hold to that gear appropriately.

This car can match the BMW Alpina B7. Even though this car has a lower torque than its predecessor that uses 590 lb. ft. at 3000 rpm. The 2017 BMW M760Li also has a similar torque but can only go to 1550rpm.

Test drivers believe that this car is one of the most impressive BMW cars in the market. However, they feel that it gives more of a simulation sensation that genuine sensation of the car's mechanical substance.

It still doesn't erase the fact that the car gives a great electronic steering, a wonderful rheostat throttle, and amazing car suspension. It also has a great transmission shift and a non-disturbing exhaust noise.

The 2017 BMW M760Li is available for $156,495. It is reportedly the cheapest V-12 powered new car in the United States.

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