Last Of The Remaining Sabra GT Sports Cars Could Be Yours

Apr 07, 2017 09:00 PM EDT | Ivy Lebanan


The Sabra GT Sports Car can be bought for $45,000. A small company called Sabra built a sports car to compete with the companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini back then. And so, Sabra named the model sports car GT, but the production only lasted for eight years, and there were only 379 examples made.

The Sabra GT Sports Car wears its original red colored exterior, and its body is made up of fiberglass that is produced and assembled in the United Kingdom. It has large vertical bumpers wrapped around in a protruding nose and a large power bulge low-lying on the hood. On the rear part of the car, it is wrapped around bumpers that highlight the fin-like rear fenders and a sloping trunk face. The Sabra GT Sports car wears VIN GT4824, and it is available on eBay today.

This vehicle had a two-seat convertible and hung on a box steel chassis. It also has a roll-up windows curved windscreen enclosed in a large cabin for the car's size. Sabra Gt features a round full-height fastback coupe design similar to the lines of a Triumph Stag coupe.

The Sabra GT Sports Car has driven 1,058 miles or 1, 702 kilometers. With it, it has a 1.7-liter consul engine that is still capable of producing a meager 61 horsepower or 65 kilowatts, just like the original four-speed manual gearbox, rear drum breaks, and front disc brakes. There were 38 known Sabra GT's that exist, but this one is kept in a climate-controlled showroom since it was produced 50 years ago.

The seller's starting price is $45,000 plus the buyer will also shoulder for the shipping fee.  Estimations of the value of the car have been done, and it was said that it could cost up to $70,000, but according to Hagerty, the average price for GT in this kind of condition it cost around $39,600.


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