Nvidia Titan Xp Outshines Its Predecessor, Crowned As New Performance GPU

Apr 07, 2017 06:10 AM EDT | Yen Palec


With its current lineup of high-end graphics card, it is safe to say that Nvidia has a complete monopoly of the premium market. The company is once again pushing the boundary of the graphics card market with the recent release of the Nvidia Titan Xp, a powerful Pascal-based GPU with 3,840 CUDA cores and a $1,200 price tag.

The Titan Xp packs the same CUDA core counts with the Quadro P6000 which costs upwards of $5,000. Both graphics card are even based on the same GP102 platform.

The first Pascal-based Titan X shattered world records upon its release. However, the graphics card was eventually rendered obsolete when the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti appeared on the market, offering a slightly better performance for a significantly lower price.

What the Titan Xp does is besting its current benchmark points by increasing the number of CUDA cores and clock speeds. In comparison, the Pascal-based Titan X has 3,584 CUDA cores while the new Titan Xp boasts 3,840 cores. The Xp model's cores are also faster with a boost clock of 1,582MHz besting the Titan X's 1,531MHz clock speed.

The Titan X already boasts an unparalleled GDDR5X memory speed, but the Titan Xp undermined that by hitting 11.4Gbps, an upgrade of 1.4Gbps over its predecessor. According to The Verge, the Xp packs 12GB of GDDR5X of RAM. What is even more impressive about the Xp is that it retains the physical dimension and power requirements of the original Titan X Pascal.

One of the main takeaways here is the price. The Nvidia Titan Xp is sure to appeal to hardcore gamers who want 4K or 8K resolution running at outrageous refresh rates. Nevertheless, the GTX 1080 Ti can still deliver impressive resolution and refresh rates without the need of shelling too much cash for it. This will be an interesting debate once the real-world benchmarks of the Titan Xp are released.

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