Lamborghini Miura Puts SUVs To Shame For Killing It In The Snow!

Apr 07, 2017 05:30 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Ultimate vehicle performance in the snow is known to be delivered by intense off-roaders. Sand and snow offer no problem to these off-roaders which are currently a big hit in the US market. However, there is Lamborghini Miura which changes the whole story. Though a supercar, the Miura has no problems gliding over the vast frozen tundra.

SUVs and other off-roaders are put to shame as the Miura tackles the toughest snowy and frozen terrain. Supercars are meant for the paved track of Nurburgring and the likes but not in the snow. However, this is not the case for one Miura owner as he dared what many supercar owners won't even do.

He is out to make a statement and the best way to prove it is to go out and do what's perceived to be crazy and impossible. The Lamborghini Miura owner, The Shah of Iran just can't get enough of this supercar that he drove it every day even in the worst of snowy conditions outside. For even better performance, he bought special snow tires with metal studs to ensure he'd get to where he desires to go no matter what the weather condition is.

There was even a tribute put together showcasing the capabilities of his Miura in any weather conditions he subjected it to. The video features him snow-drifting and other daring stunts proving that his Miura is unstoppable and is more than able to negotiate any conditions it is faced.

This video is featured on Vimeo showing how he overcame his fears for not having enough traction. Only professionals can do such trick and it is most of the time unannounced and un-featured. Because of this, many supercar owners have the notion of driving in the snow is something to never be attempted.

Since The Shah of Iran already conquered the snow, the desert may be his next mission. Maybe he has already done this, we'll never know. Well, it is still not widely advisable to subject the Lamborghini Miura or any Lambos in extreme terrain and weather conditions. However, if the extreme moments when the situation calls for it, it is assured that it can deliver.

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