Renault RS 2027 Vision F1 Concept Takes Centerstage In Shanghai!

Apr 07, 2017 05:10 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Renault RS 2027 Vision F1 concept is slated to take the center stage for this year's Shanghai Motor Show. The future of racing may be defined as the concept gets unveiled in Shanghai for industry experts and car enthusiasts to see.

Renault has been competing in Formula One racing for about 40 years which has definitely been instrumental in the manufacturer's inputs and thoughts about the sport's progress. Renault is even taking a notch higher as it launches the RS 2027 Vision concept.

The RS 2027 Vision concept is considered as the latest in a cycle of concept cars which started with the Trezor but with a racier approach. The latest concept is geared towards ultimate driving performance with the driver in mind. It will also have all new technologies coming from motor racing to road vehicles in the years to come.

April 19, 2017 is the date to take note of, as this day is set for the unveiling of the concept in Shanghai. Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport Chief and Alain Prost, a four-time world champion are in attendance to kick off the said event.

The Renault RS 2027 Vision concept is also considered a new concept car which expresses Renault's intention to be in competition for the long term. The French manufacturer is definitely going to play a major role in shaping the Formula 1 progress and evolution.

The RS 2027 Vision concept can be considered a good representation of how Formula 1 racing will be like in 10 years. The concept will showcase the technological advancements and mechanical marvels foreseen for the next decade. This will treat everyone of how the future is like so it is expected to make a great impact.

The Renault RS Vision F1 concept may suggest Renault's clairvoyance and prophetic capabilities for predicting the future of car racing. However, this is not just out of fortune telling or some gut feeling. The concept car is based on thorough experience in Formula 1 racing, coupled with expertise gathered along the way.


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