McLaren 720S Added to Speed Champions Series

Apr 06, 2017 02:10 PM EDT | Ileen Jasmine

The Lego Speed Champions series of kits is a new project by lego. It is an excellent DIY kit for those who want to create something different.

The Lego Speed Champions give fans the opportunity to create scale versions of some of their favorite street and racing vehicles. It was created for auto enthusiasts and lego fans alike.

It almost has everything - from hot rods to the Ford Raptor. The range even goes as far as Formula One racing cars. The Speed Champions series truly does have something for everybody.

Today, it was reported that Lego is adding the McLaren 720S to the mix. This will give McLaren fans an opportunity to build their miniature version of the 720S.

As of the moment, the 2018 McLaren 720S has not hit the streets yet. However, the Speed Champions Series version will hit toy stores this June.

There is more to the McLaren 720S Speed Champions set than what meets the eye. Aside from the parts to build the car, there are also pieces to put a mini designer next to it.

The latest addition to the Speed Champions Series comes with a scaled-down design space items. This also includes a design sketch, a 3D printed model of the 720S, a studio desk and a large mug for coffee.

Yes, a large mug for coffee because it is one of the most important items a young car designer would need. The miniature scale of the vehicle comes ready to show off its one-of-a-kind McLaren orange paint scheme.

The orange paint scheme is complemented by some black trim bits. Surprisingly, it will also have the large daylight opening as well. And the wheels are a good scale match, too.

The McLaren 720S from the Speed Champions Series will be a lot more friendly to the wallets than the $280,000 version. The only downside is, it won't be as powerful, and buyers won't be able to drive it outside.

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