‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Will Feature The Demise Of Euron Greyjoy & Ser Jorah Mormont?

Apr 05, 2017 10:00 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


"Game of Thrones" season 7 spoilers recently abound revealing the fate of some characters of the hit series. Pilou Asbaek (playing the role of Euron Greyjoy) and Iain Glenn (playing the role of Ser Jorah Mormont) appear to have dropped some hints on the fate of their characters in a separate interview.

The upcoming season 7 of the phenomenal hit series "Game of Thrones" is set to premiere in July. Spoilers and speculations are now circulating the web, pulling up the excitement level of the fans of "GoT."

Apparently, two of the actors from the "GoT" TV series have dropped some clues on what fans could possibly expect from their characters. Will the new season show the demise of these two characters?

Pilou Asbaek, who was recently seen in "Ghost in the Shell" movie, had an interview with Miami.com. The interview was actually intended as a press tour for the actor to talk more about the said movie.

However, towards the end of the interview, the actor surprisingly mentioned something related to his hit series, "Game of Thrones." The magazine ended the interview with a question asking the actor about what fans can expect from him after the "Ghost in the Shell" movie.

Surprisingly, Pilou Asbaek responded the last question with a seemingly clue about his involvement with the "GoT" series. The actor answered with a hypothetical statement saying he might do more scenes of the hit series, yet he also mentioned he may not be able to continue shooting for "Game of Thrones."

What is more interesting from the responses of Pilou Asbaek is the part when mentioned something about his plans, which sound like it will happen in the near future. According to the actor, he will take a break because he already misses his wife and his daughter.

The fact that he told the magazine that he will take a break to be with his family seems to hint that his character is about to say goodbye to the TV series. Is Euron Greyjoy going to meet his demise in the upcoming season 7 of "Game of Thrones" so Pilou Asbaek can have the time to be with his family?

Meanwhile, another actor from the "GoT" series talked about his character's fate too. Reports say that Ilain Glenn told Winter is Coming that he has been greatly satisfied in playing the role of Ser Jorah Mormont.

Moreover, Ilain Glenn also mentioned that the hit series will indeed feature huge death toll. The actor also added that the series is not even afraid to let go of favorite characters, hinting on the deaths of some beloved characters.

Ilain Glenn further hinted that his character, Ser Jorah Mormont, is not an exemption. The actor said, "My end may well be close but so far I'm doing okay."

"Game of Thrones" season 7 is set to premiere on Sunday, July 16 on HBO. Check out the official trailer below.

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