‘The Winds of Winter’ Latest Plot Theory: Qyburn Has Major Secret Motives?

Apr 05, 2017 09:31 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


"The Winds of Winter" plot theories continue to flourish on the web amidst George R.R. Martin's silence. The latest plot theory talks about what could possibly happen with Qyburn in the highly anticipated sixth novel of "A Song of Ice and Fire."

Last week, we have reported one interesting plot theory predicting GRRM might probably end the much-awaited "TWoW" novel with a similar fate like the "Black Death" plague. This arc includes millions of death and the survivors shed sweat and blood to recover.

Now, here is a new fan theory on the potential plot for "The Winds of Winter" to wet your appetite again. However, this plot theory will unlikely be how GRRM will end the novel.

The latest plot theory for "The Winds of Winter" was posted by hollowaydivision on Reddit the other day. The Reddit user found an interesting arc from "A Clash of Kings," the second book from "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, which he predicted to be included in the upcoming "TWoW" novel.

In a nutshell, the plot theory emphasized that Qyburn has a hidden agenda in heading to the King's Landing. Followers of the "ASoIaF" can recall that he was sent by Roose Bolton to the King's Landing. Apparently, the plot theory pointed out that Qyburn was sent to get access to the Small Council to implement a false pretense.

Qyburn will try to convince Cersei and the whole Small Council to believe that Theon is extremely loyal to the Starks. It is ironic that Cersei appeared to be clueless of the Sack of Winterfell, despite being mentioned in the two books.

The latest fan plot theory for "The Winds of Winter" claims that Qyburn is out with his secret agenda in King's Landing. He is believed to be protecting the interest of Roose Bolton in Theon. In addition, Qyburn also appears to be hindering the Iron Throne from requiring Theon to be kept as a hostage in King's Landing.

What do you think of these fan plot theories? It seems that the anxious fans of "The Winds of Winter" never get tired of pursuing spoilers for the sixth novel of "ASoIaF." Watch out for our next report as we continue to look for updates and spoilers for the over-delayed masterpiece of GRRM. Meanwhile, you may want to settle first with this narration video of a sampler from "TWoW."

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