DDR5 To Offer Twice As Much Bandwidth Than The DDR4

Apr 05, 2017 06:40 AM EDT | JP Olvido


Double Data Rate version 5, or DDR5 for short, is the newest version of the volatile memory system from JEDEC. The new memory system is claimed to offer twice as much bandwidth than the previous version along with reduced overall power consumption.

New memory module to offer twice the bandwidth than DDR4 with better power efficiency. Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the many important components of a computer system. Although not many made switched from using DDR3 to DDR4, this will not hinder electronic standardization governing body JEDEC from releasing DDR5.

The fifth version of the DDR volatile memory system, in summary, will offer improved system utilization and better channel efficiency. JEDEC claims that the new memory module will be able to provide increased bandwidth per pin, capacity, and power efficiency.

The DDR4 memory module has an average transfer speed of around 12 gigabytes per second and each module can hold as much as 16 gigabytes of data with a 64-bit data bus width. It is claimed that the new memory module will be able to offer a lot more than the DDR4 can although JEDEC has yet to release an official list of specifications.

According to AnandTech, the new memory module by JEDEC is said to have a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes per module which is twice than that of the DDR4. Theoretically, the new memory module will have a data bandwidth of 51.2 gigabytes per second on a 62-bit data bus which is four times more than the previous version.

Comparing the two versions further, the DDR4 is said to have a transfer rate of 3200 MTs per second. The new memory module is expected to offer twice that at 6200 MTs per second.

Until a formal announcement on what the DDR5 can really offer, enthusiasts will just have to do with speculations. JEDEC is looking to present the new memory module at the Server Forum event in Santa Clara in June of this year.

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