Porsche Latest Developments: 918 Spyder Successor? Incarnation Of 2017 RS 911?

Apr 04, 2017 06:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Porsche latest developments are sure to spark the interest of fans and industry experts. It does involve news on the Porsche 918 Spyder and the 2017 Porsche RS 911 among many others. The 2017 Porsche RS 911 is related to the GT1 as both belong to the mid-engined Porsches. There are plenty of reasons why fans should be excited about what's to unfold in Porsche.

First and foremost, there is the dual Porsche 911 prototype scene which mixes 991.2 specials like GT2 and GT3 RS with next generation Neunelfer prototypes. These prototypes have suggested intense power and capabilities which, of course, is expected from a Porsche.

Insane as it may seem, however, there is also the 2017 919 Hybrid Le Mans race car to debut anytime soon. This is set to be out Spring 2017 and is even reported to be loaded with Zuffenhausen land rockets. This is definitely one to watch out for as not long from now, the world will be able to marvel at this automotive wonder.

The 600-horsepower GT2 has recently returned to the Nurburgring for final stages of its development. There is also the 900-horsepower LMP1 prototype recently presented. Well, this used to be dominated by the 918 Spyder which has already retired from showroom presence. Porsche still has no word on its successor, however, there was some rendering recently made available.

It is one interesting render, to say the least. This was from digital art label Peisert Design which is considered a little unrealistic and more inclined on fantasy. Porsche have said that it may produce the 918 Spyder successor sometime in 2025 so talking about it is premature. Having said that, if Porsche takes notice and gets inspiration from the rendering, the successor will be one out-of-this-world car.

There is also the incarnation of 2017 911 RSR. It is a road legal mid-engined Porsche similar to that of the GT1. The 911 RSR may even be considered the successor of 911 GT1 released in the mid-90s.

Also just a few months back Porsche showcased its most rare and unique models. These are available to be viewed on Porsche's YouTube channel. The video offers behind the scenes on Porsche's factory collection giving viewers a chance to see models like 964 Turbo S with only 86 units manufactured. There are also the 924 Carrera GTS with only 49 units manufactured and the 1984 Porsche 911 SC/RS with only 20 units produced.

With Porsche latest developments on 918 Spyder successor, the incarnation of 2017 911 RSR, and other noteworthy news, Porsche is definitely on fire! These latest developments are sure to excite and titillate industry experts and car enthusiasts. Other important news on Porsche will immediately be reported.

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